01 Jan 2014


I enjoyed writing the 2013 Achievements post on Christmas, so today I’m writing a post about bullshit goals for this new year.

This is the list:

Make and stick to a schedule

It’s hard for me (as for most people) to stick to a schedule.

I want to learn the skill of creating a new habit, but also have the flexibility to break my own rules and change them when necessary.

Probably using some sort of methodology or software could help me with this.

Study six days a week and plan

My freshman year in college was hard. I didn’t study often enough. What I did was the typical mistake of going to lectures and studying just days before the exam.

It was good enough to avoid re-taking the classes but not enough to be a good student. This year, thanks to my new job, I will have time to study two hours per day after work.

I believe that doing things in an organised and iterative way improves the results exponentially. So I hope to have enough discipline to study daily and do it better this year.


I have to start planning my studies in order to study for a reasonable amount of time.

I have never been very organised with my studies, so not only studying often but doing it in an organised way will be a big challenge.

I want to [grok]((http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grok) what I am studying, not just pass the exams

I enjoy it when I truly understand a topic, not just when I know it. Understanding means knowing the whys of the topic, not just the superficial layer. I want to write posts on the topics that I study and put them online, to help me and other students understand better.

Improve english

I will learn the sounds of English, irregular verbs, tenses and vocabulary.

I believe that the earlier you work on your language, the easier it is to correct your bad habits.

This year I will be taking an English class (the first of two years) and I hope that will help me improve my English.

However (even with English speakers telling me that I don’t sound that bad), my goal is to improve my English (both accent and vocabulary) to a point where it should be hard for an English speaker to tell that I’m not native.

I would like to record a video once a month showing my progress.

This past year, Beatrice and I have been switching between English and Spanish every other day. This was a great way to get used to speaking in English, but sometimes is a little messy to be switching languages all the time. So, we will see how it goes to switch languages each week instead of each day.

Blog frequently

I think blogging is a great way to show yourself and the world your progress and to share your work.

Also, it’s a great way to access to your work from anywhere, not only when you have your own computer.

I think that blogging my studies will be a great way to keep this blog updated.

Launch mini apps

I know that this is almost impossible because I’m working and studying, and I want to do both things well, but I would like to be able to accomplish some little-medium side projects this year.

Floss my teeth twice a day

As with English, it’s important to have good habits and correct the bad ones sooner rather than later.

Dental floss will help with my discipline as well as with my breath health.

Read 12 books a year

With all my studies and work, I have not been reading books of my own choosing. So I will put this number so as to not forget about reading.

Draw and design

I recently have been designing a little and I really enjoy it. I will try to doodle something and/or design more often.

Monthly report

I will write 12 progress reports on each one of these goals to have metrics of the goals that I have set today.

That’s it! In the following months we will see if this goals are too much or I still having free time.

Special thanks to Beatrice for her help with editing this post.

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