16 Jan 2014

My first red cross

This is a little update of my life about how I'm doing.

The first week of 2014 (this is from Monday 7th to Sunday 12th) it was pretty tough. I worked hard in my job and didn't get results I was hoping for. And worst of all, I hardly studied at all.

This week I'm doing better, I learned from mistakes last week, and I started studying more often (not so productive as I would like but at least I'm doing some progress).

Two days ago, I read a very interesting post about focusing on days.

Here is an excerpt of the post:

It takes time to do anything worthwhile, but thankfully, we don’t need it all in one chunk. So this year, forget about the year as a whole. Forget about months and forget about weeks.

Focus on days.

The day is the only unit of time that I can really get my head around. Seasons change, weeks are completely human-made, but the day has a rhythm. The sun goes up; the sun goes down. I can handle that.

The post mentions a Jerry Seinfeld productivity tip: get a calendar and mark a red cross for each day that you complete your daily goal. Then you just have to keep a chain of red crosses.

My current goals are studying, improving my English, blogging and floss, among other things.

After reading the post I printed avery basic calendar and put it on the wall. And today after studying for my exams and practicing English I finally drew my first red cross in the calendar.

Next week

I was looking for more challenges in my work and to become a better student. As a friend of mine said, be careful with what you wish for because it can come true.

I have to do a lot of work over the next two weeks and I have to really focus on my studies if I want to pass the exams, so the next two weeks are really important for me, I have to focus and put in a lot of effort to do both work and studies well.

This week I was feeling pretty tired after work, so (as Austin suggests) the first thing that I will do in the morning is study, in order to just relax at the end of the day.

Let’s see how things turn out.

Special thanks to Austin Kleon for writing such a concise and helpful blog post and to Beatrice for her quick editing.

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